Fired Up Events specializes in bringing the right mix of innovation and participation to an event. We do this with the help of world class strategic Partners, working with them to develop the very best in innovative technology to support our clients and their patrons.

JBN Sound Ceiling – JBN developed the worlds first and only planar wave sound system, ideal for keeping sound EXACTLY where you want it. Fired Up Events is strategically aligned to bring The Sound Ceiling to North America. For more information, check out our feature page or check out the JBN Europe web page or the JBN Australia page .

Sigma – 1 – Sigma 1 is the brainchild of Michael Heid, a world class designer and developer. He has developed an entire series of custom lighting fixtures, and two custom software packages allowing unprecedented control of the light and texture of an event environment. Fired up Events is an authorized distributor of Sigma 1 Products, and authorized user of Sigma 1 software, and a proud development partner with Sigma-1.

Capricorn Multitech – Capricorn Multitech is the technology development company founded by Christ Sturges in 2002. Through Capricorn, Chris worked on high tech development including The Vancouver POlanetarium, BC Place, and projects in custom home theatre, 4d theatre, and home automation. Capricorn Multitech also creates all the custom in house technology for Fired Up Events.

Vancouver Sound and Lights – Conrad has worked with the community and Fired Up Events to share a wide variety of equipment from his central warehouse. By providing many of the basic elements of an event, it makes it possible to concentrate on the specialized details that take an event over the top. Vancouver Sound and Light.

Fired Up Events couldn’t offer the depth and breadth of what we do without amazing support from the creative and technical community in Vancouver. Some of our affiliate partners include:

  • Disaster Area – a groups of kids who never grew up, and still like setting things on fire and blowing them up… but now they are expert adults licensed and permitted to create mayhem in a controlled manner(ish).
  • Radiant Heat –
  • Application Audio –
  • Perception Environments –

Fired Up Events is a proud supporter of VCON, GVIAS, WCSFA, Pancakes and Jam and other fine events.